Resource Method 1: The Basics

Resource Method 1: The Basics (RM1) is our foundational training. RM1 is highly experiential, with the core focus being the teaching of the Resource Method itself. This two-day training guides participants through each stage of the Method, which is focused on accessing the Resource State of mind, accessing inner resources of mental, physical, and emotional well-being, and re-sourcing many of our strategies for emotional and mental satisfaction from the external world, to the internal world.

For each stage of the 6-stage Method, the training provides theory and philosophy, guided group experiences, and individual practice time. Group discussion and sharing after each guided process is built into the program so that each participant is able to benefit from the positive experiences of others. By the end of RM1, participants are fully trained in the practice of Resource Method.

RM1 is a prerequisite to RM2 and all Advanced Resource Method Trainings.

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Resource Method 2: Deepening

Resource Method 2: Deepening (RM2) builds on RM1 by guiding you further into the foundational techniques and challenging you to take your emotional healing and thought transformation to a deeper level.

The RM2 training provides you with a philosophical framework for self-excavation and the direct seeking of opportunities for emotional healing, followed by the teaching of more advanced tools to achieve these elevated outcomes. Guided exercises lead you through experiencing these new tools, and time for sharing of successes and challenges allows you to benefit from the experiences and breakthroughs of others.

By the end of RM2, you are rooted in the experience that only through deep and active emotional healing and thought transformation can you tap into your highest potential and achieve the greatest joy, fulfillment, and make your greatest contribution to the world.

Resource Method 3: Expanding

Resource Method 3: Expanding (RM3) teaches you to expand your emotional fluency and emotional choice. Going further with the tools from RM1 and RM2, we teach you how to locate, identify, and transform more subtle subconscious imprints in the body.

Together, we will explore a broader lexicon of the emotions and we will teach you how to navigate in and out of any emotional state at will. RM3 builds on the core physical practices of RM1 by teaching you advanced techniques in breathing and movement. These techniques are used to deepen and maintain the emotional and mental well-being generated through the processes taught in RM1 and RM2.