Why Learn Resource Method?

What if you could end negative thinking? Inappropriate emotional responses?

What if you were free from the limiting perceptions, perspectives, attitudes and assumptions that you feel are holding you back?

Personal freedom only comes with mastery of your mind and your emotions. Nothing feels better than knowing you can remain stable and adaptable in the face of any circumstance.

This is resilience. And Resource Method is the path to get you there.

Resource Method is a daily practice based on the most effective techniques from hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and traditional healing practices.

Taught in a 12-hour training, Resource Method empowers you with the tools to free yourself from negative thoughts and emotions, and to build yourself up into somebody who has appropriate and balanced responses to even negative circumstances.

In our Resource Method: The Basics workshop we start you from square one:

  • First, we give you a model for how your mind works that you can use every day. This affords you basic confidence in navigating thought and emotion.
  • We then take you step-by-step through building the skills to free yourself from feelings of anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame, disappointment, and nervousness.
  • Finally, we build you up by connecting you with your own powerhouse of wisdom and skillfulness, which together weave your personal resilience.

The people we work with find that once they have learned to manage their minds and emotions they can dig in and clear up “old stuff” from the past.  Moving ahead in life they find they have the confidence to thrive no matter what comes their way.

With the power to change yourself from the inside out, your future is limitless.

We offer Resource Method basic trainings as weekend intensives, in weekly series, and in various other formats across Canada, the US, and Europe.

Experiences that might seem intimidating to the average person become easily manageable to the Resource Method practitioner.

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