Neesa L. Johnson

Neesa L. Johnson - the teacher

Neesa L. Johnson is a Consulting Hypnotist located in New Orleans, Louisiana and brings 30 years of diverse experience in the healing arts to her teachings. After completing a BS in Occupational Therapy, she began her career working with clients to overcome the limitations of their disabilities and to establish independent, fulfilling lives. She has been a movement instructor, has facilitated small group therapy in a drug and alcohol treatment setting, and teaches various science-oriented massage coursework. Neesa has had a Qigong practice for over 30 years, with training in The Trager Approach, Tuina, medical Qigong and Asian bodywork techniques. She brings a creative, pragmatic and humanistic approach to her work, combined with a commitment to the most effective, evidence-based techniques from Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a creative, innovative health strategist, Neesa travels across North America, helping people access their own innate wisdom and learning to resolve a wide range of issues in their own lives. Read more about Neesa here.