A well-trained mind is your best asset. An open heart, your greatest power.

Resource Method is an evidence-based self-practice used for personal healing, transformation and empowerment. The Method brings the mind, body, and emotions into harmony and facilitates access to one’s highest potential. Practitioners of Resource Method have mastery over their thoughts, their emotions, and are able to turn off the stress response through direct control over their autonomic nervous system. Resource Method provides the tools to engage in deep and ongoing introspection that leads to insight and growth, deepen emotional intelligence, heal emotional pain from the past, navigate the present with skillful ease, and cultivate plans for a fulfilling future that make use of one’s greatest gifts.

Founded on science. Inspired by you.

Resource Method is built on a solid foundation of knowledge, research and experience in the fields of human happiness, resilience, positive psychology, transformational therapy, and neuroplasticity. Building on these modern understandings of the mind and the emotions, Resource Method blends in age old practices from around the globe whose success in cultivating human healing and the fulfillment of personal potential is well established.

But the Method is only complete with you: Resource Method provides a framework that is then applied to the personal details of your life – your thoughts, your emotions, your history, as well as your dreams and your aspirations. If Resource Method is the architect of a house, you are the decorator. Let’s create something beautiful together.

Resource Method Has a Dual Purpose Approach.

The Method is first taught to be a regular practice, similar to any kind of meditative, contemplative or insight-based practice. Used in this manner, the Method serves to calm, balance, and restore the system, while providing continual opportunities for dissolving old hurts, releasing negative thought patterns, and infusing the self with positive and empowering replacements.

In its second application, the Method can be used in times of crisis. When applied to moments of mental and emotional distress, Resource Method allows us to rapidly move through to a place mental and emotional resolution, expediting natural processes so we can get back to centre more quickly. Using the Method in this way allows us to be more resilient — that ability to “bounce back” more quickly from life’s bumps and surprises.

Resource Method is changing lives every day. Ready for your turn?

The Resource Method Basics workshop is generally taught over the course of 12 hours in a variety of configurations (2-day workshop, 6 week series, etc.). Find a training near you!