In the words of our participants…

Since learning Resource Method and practicing regularly, I have felt greater calmness, less anxiety, and an have found an ability to think first before letting anxious feelings get in the way. I have also found I am able to take more in and process situations in a more leveled manner while having more understanding towards others.
– D.R., Austin, Texas, US
 Resource Method has provided me wisdom and a sense of comfort when faced with daily challenges.
– O.O., Toronto, Canada
 The Method has helped me to overcome past difficulties (a hurtful friendship) and to be able to appreciate those around me more openly and honestly. I have felt lighter and more mentally stable and calm because of the Method. I was able to let negative thoughts go, and open myself up to positive ones.
– S.V., Toronto, Canada
 Resource Method has helped me identify what I’m feeling and release it. It has provided me with the resource to face life’s daily challenges and overcome them.
– D.T., Toronto, Canada
 I have learned that I have the power to let things go on my own. I have the power to really relax my body, to express love and gratitude where I would otherwise find it difficult, and overall to connect with myself and my potential. I found it to be a very well-rounded toolbox that I can get a lot from, and I can do this whenever I want.
– T.H., Toronto, Canada
 Since beginning to practice the Resource Method, I’ve noticed that I have moments of absolute clarity. I find myself making sense of the Universe in new ways and resourcing knowledge that was not consciously mine before…Very organic!
– C.P., Oakland, California, US